New Generation of Role Playing Game

Beta v17

Create and manage your characters sheets online with a dashboard designed for game masters

<span>The Game Master Dashboard is an authenticated space, accessible only by the campaign creator. From this space, you can create character sheets for your players and your NPCs, and follow their evolution in real time.</span><br><span>This interface also allows you to roll dice, manage your characters' spells and equipment, track combat rounds...</span><br><span>The tool is adapted for both online and physical games, via phone, tablet or computer.</span>

Create character sheet simply

Create your own character sheets from scratch or use pre-made sheets

<span>From the game master's dashboard, you have two choices for creating your sheets, either build a sheet from scratch or select a pre-made character, ready to use. In both cases you will still be able to edit all the information on a character sheet by clicking on the</span> <i class='icon-edit'></i> <span> button at the bottom of it.</span>

Share character sheet

Share your character sheets accessible directly on the browser from a link

<span>Once your character sheet is created, click on the</span> <i class='icon-share-alt'></i> <span> button at the bottom of it, this action will copy the link from your sheet. Then send it to the relevant player and once opened, it will have access to its sheet without having to create an account. However, it will have to enter the campaign code, available at the top left of the game master's dashboard when it is a first log in.</span>

Launch the game

Start the game and pause it whenever you want

<span>Once all your players are connected you can click the</span> <i class='icon-play'></i> <span> button to start the game. This action will have the effect of allowing the player-side sheets to be used. Once your session is over, you can pause the game again to avoid any further changes to the sheets. Full editing of the character sheets meanwhile can be enabled or disabled from the</span> <i class='icon-cog'></i> <span>menu located at the top right of the dashboard.</span>

Roll dice

Roll simple dice or customize your rolls

<span>From the square</span> <i class='icon-dicebox'></i> <span>button located at the bottom right of their screens, players and the game master can roll dice. If a player rolls a die, the result will also appear on the Game Master's dashboard directly on that player's sheet. You can choose to roll a single die by selecting a die from the list, or you can create your own die roll. This one will be kept in memory and can be re-rolled at any time.<span>

Manage equipment

Manage your equipment and money with a smart inventory

<span>During the game players and GM, can add items/equipment to their inventory. Each item/equipment can be purchased<span/> <i class='icon-paiditem'></i> <span>or obtained for free</span> <i class='icon-lootitem'></i> <span>. The weight, armor points and total money at the top of the inventory are calculated automatically. Weapons and armor can be equipped by clicking on the icon to the left of their name, which has the effect of updating the inventory information.</span>

Manage spell cooldowns

Use spells and track the casting and cooldown times

<span>When a player casts a spell, it may trigger an energy cost, a casting time, and a cooldown time, depending on the role-playing game. During the casting or recharge phase the spell becomes unusable for a period of time that can be calculated in minutes or rounds. To keep track of the number of rounds the game master has a counter at the top center of his dashboard,</span> <i class='icon-hourglass-end'></i> <span>this one has a direct impact on the state of the casting and cooldown phases which allows them to be managed automatically.</span>

Manage spell cooldowns

Print your sheets and switch from paper to digital as you wish

<span>Print your character sheet using the button</span> <i class='f-big icon-print'></i> <span>at the bottom of your sheet. Set your printing options and then click on the 'print preview' button, this will generate a page suitable for A4 printing. All of our paper sheets have a QR code and campaign code, this allows you to easily switch back to your digital character sheet.</span>

Formula and tag

Choose smart sheets by using formulas and dice rolls directly on them

<span>From the form mode of your character sheets, accessible from the button</span> <i class='icon-edit'></i> <span>, you can use certain characters to configure smart fields:</span><ul><li><span># : allows you to use some statistics of your character sheet</span></li><li><span>={ } : allows you to calculate what is included between the braces. You can use the ROUND(), ROUNDUP(), ROUNDDOWN() functions inside a formula to make rounding to the unit</span></li><li><span>xDx+x : allows you to trigger a dice roll, x being a numerical value</span></li></ul><span>Each of these functions can be combined to obtain even more intelligent sheets.</span>