Role playing game new generation

Alpha v1

GM dashboard on computer

Create and interact with your character sheets from the game master dashboard

The GM dashboard is an authenticated space, accessible only by the game creator. From this dashboard, the game master can create sheets for its players, or its non-player characters (NPCs, Monsters, Summoners...). Once the sheets are created, the GM can start the game by clicking on the "play" button in the top right corner. During the game, the GM can consult the modifications made by the players and their actions (roll dice, spells etc...) in real time. When the game is on pause the data can no longer be modified by the players, this allows you to resume your current games without any problems.

Create your own character sheets from A to Z or use generic sheets

From the game master's dashboard you have two choices, either build a card from scratch, or select a generic sheet ready to use. In both cases you can always modify all the information of a character sheet by clicking on the "edit" button at the bottom of the sheet.

Create character sheet simply
Share character sheet for smartphone

Share your character sheets accessible directly on a browser from a URL

Once your character sheet is ready, click on the "share" button at the bottom of it, this action will copy the link of your sheet. Then send this link to the player concerned, once received the player will have access to its sheet without having to create an account. However, they will only need to enter the game code, available on the top left corner of the GM's dashboard, the first time they log in.

Use the functionalities of your sheet

When the game is in progress, players can modify certain information, such as their number of health points or energy points, experience points, money, inventory or other, depending on the role-playing game. Players can also roll dice using the button at the bottom right of their sheet, once the die is selected the result is displayed instantly for the player and the GM. Players can also take notes during the game by slidding to the right.

Edit character sheet and roll the dice
Manage spell cooldowns

Use spells and manage cooldown

When a player casts a spell, it automatically expends the energy points necessary for its use and enters into cooldown. When cooldown occurs, the spell becomes unusable by the player. The duration of the cooldown can be calculated according to a number of minutes or a number of turns. During a fight the game master can activate turns to automatically manage the cooldown times and trigger its events.