New Generation of Role Playing Game

Beta v9

Dynamic character sheets

In just a few clicks you can create sheets with a dynamic and connected characters for your players or NPCs that will be accessible directly from an internet link.

Optimized interface for GM

Take advantage of the optimized interface for the game master, allowing you to follow the progress of your characters sheets in real time and bring your games to life!

Mobile-friendly sheets

Play online or around a table, without paper or pencil, due to the characters sheets designed and adapted to mobile devices.

Creation of personalized sheets

Create template cards that let you play your own role-playing games, or choose from a list of existing RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Naheulbeuk, Warhammer ...

Equipment and spell table

Find all your equipment and spells created during your games or use those already designed by the community to complete your sheets.

Auto save

Automatically keep your campaigns and characters sheets, lock in your changes and resume your campaigns whenever you want.

Character Sheet Online GM dashboardCharacter Sheet Online GM dashboard
Discover Character Sheet Online

The CSO site is currently in BETA and continues its development

Favorite dice
Spell DnD
Warhammer v4
Template Editor
Printable Sheet
GM Screen
Campaign store

1. Inventory: New system for managing players' equipment and currency.

2. Favorite dice: Possibility for players to save by dice rolls as shortcuts.

3. DND Spell: Creation of a new module adapted for the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons spells.

4. Template Warhammer v4: Adds a new template for Warhammer v4.

5. Template editor: Functionality allowing to create fully customizable sheet templates.

6. Print your character sheet and go from paper to digital by scanning a QR Code

7. Workshop: Space allowing you to add models of sheets created by the community to your list of favorites, usable within your game.

8. GM screen: Additional interface allowing you to follow the progress of the scenarios, take notes, store pdf or images and launch sound effects.

9. Campaign store: Space allowing you to drop off or retrieve preconfigured campaigns with PCs, NPCs, Items, scenario… for quick games.

10. Adventurers of Astrenor: Leaving our RPG ...

Discover Astrenor’s world

Astrenor adventurers is a role-playing game created by the CSO team. This role-playing game offers a simple rule system using the features of the website that are ideal for beginners or non-RPGs players. You can choose a campaign on our site with all the ready-to-use functions!

Explore the mysterious universe of Astrenor and become a legend in this world at war!

Evolve in a medieval fantasy universe, made up of several civilizations grouped together on 3 continents, Rautha, Asgure and Tolan. While the tensions between Rautha and Asgure continue to rise there are rumors coming from the south that risk shattering the alliances of the past and thus redistributing the cards of power...

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